The Owl of Minerva

April 2022


I need a drink…

Heaven is not your local pub,
but we’ve a house white on tap:
Water of Life. Glass or Goblet?

Shot glass. Neat.

Think of it as Korsvodka.
Red blush on your cheeks—
it’s not rouge. Is it?

‘Tis, but O All Knowing, when will the boat of capitalism sink?

When church spires soar above skyscrapers,
when those who influence the influencers
blast hell to heaven.
Rafiq Kathwari - Lenin in the Presence of God

Nobody knows
How cold it grows
And nobody sees
How shaky my knees
Nobody cares
How steep my stairs
And nobody smiles
If I cross their stiles
Nick Drake - Poor Boy

Pray for solace,
Pray for resolve.
Pray for a savior,
Pray for deliverance, some kind of purpose.
A glimpse of a light in this void of existence.
Now witness the end of an age.
Hope dies in hands of believers
who seek the truth in the liar’s eyes.
Lamb of God - Walk with me in Hell

I lay down in the empty street and parked
My feet against the gutter’s curb while from
The building above a bunch of gawkers perched
Along its ledges urged me don’t, don’t jump.
Bill Knott - Advice from the Experts

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