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My PhD. research was in the area of inra-system information flow control within the scope of data-centric distributed policy enforcement. I also did some work on issues related to secure computing, privacy, accountability and system & network security. My PhD advisors are Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Associate Prof. Bruno Crispo.

My research interests include

I had led several projects during my PhD. years - Trishul, DRM Paradiso and Floodgate, details of which are provided below.


Detailed list of my academic publications can be found here.

Professional activities

Trishul trishul badge

Trishul project aims to develop a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based system that supports Information Flow Control (IFC) with the intention of providing an architecture to enforce data-specific usage policies. More details are available at Trishul's project page.

DRM Paradiso

We have developed a system named DRM Paradiso that enables controlled offline content reselling. The system allows customers who buy music (or other digital content) from an online distribution store to also buy rights to resell the song to his/her friends. More details at the DRM Paradiso project page.


Floodgate is a peer-to-peer architecture that aims at providing a scalable Content Delivery Network-like system by incentivising the peers to share their resources for monetary benefits. More details at the Floodgate project page.


I have helped supervise the following Masters students


Educational Background

Work Experience

Questions on PhD at CS, Vrije Univ.

I have been getting queries, ever so often, asking for on details of PhD programme at the department. My list of offered answers is here for reference.

Geek/PhD Humour

Masters Degree in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems

The Dept. of Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit offers a Master's degree in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems. Through a combination of courses, laboratories, projects, and personal supervision, each student will be helped to expand his or her knowledge of this increasingly important field. More details.


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