Porting Trishul to Mobile Device

Status: Open

Project Summary

In this project the student will begin by understanding the design and implementation of Trishul JVM. He/she will then port the current implementation of Trishul onto the OpenMoko mobile device.

Project in detail

Trishul JVM enhances the security and policy enforcement capability of Java Virtual Machine by adding the functionality of information flow control through information tracing and implementation of a pluggable policy engine module.

Currently Trishul is implemented on an Intel 686 architecture. Since Trishul would find wide usage in a mobile platform, we are very interested in porting the current implementation to a mobile phone/device platform. The plan is to use the OpenMoko platform which uses an open source (read hackable) implementation. More details can be found at OpenMoko.org. While we plan to finally demonstrate the prototype on a proper mobile device, the stduent is not constrained by having to wait till the unit arrives, since they provide a way to run OpenMoko in Qemu. Thus the student will start with porting Trishul using the Qemu emulator and once the code matures enough and when the unit arrives, he/she can then use the actual unit.


Trishul/Kaffe is written mainly in C. You should be comfortable with understanding and writing fairly complicated C code. Though no understanding of JVM internals is required, a basic knowledge of Java programming language would be a plus point. Porting will involve the need to understand and work on crossporting tools. No previous experience is necessary but the willingness to learn is essential.

What the student will gain

The student will gain a good understanding about the internals of the Java Virtual Machine implementation. He/she will be also further develop his/her C programming skill. A well done project may result in a paper submission to a referred conference (IEEE/ACM).


Bruno Crispo will be the faculty staff supervising the project with support from Srijith K. Nair who is a PhD. student at the faculty. The student will have regular meetings with Bruno and Srijith and is expected to work consistently throughout the project.


If you are interested to know more about this project please send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

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