Device Revocation in Paradiso DRM System

Status: Open


DRM Paradiso aims to extend the concept of superdistribution by letting personal entertainment devices like MP3 players to not only use the content but also enpower them to redistribute the content in a DRM preserving manner.

We already have a prototype implementation that showcases the possibility of implementing such a redistribution system. This prototype was implemented on a Neuros Developer Board and boasts of the ability to wirelessly transfer data between the boards, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, basic device revocation etc.

Device Revocation: The device revocation support in the current prototype is not adequate for real-world use. This project involves an indepth look into the exisiting approaches proposed to support certificate revocation on personal devices where memory and bandwidth constrains prevent the use of traditional methods. The student would, after the necessary literature study, propose and implement a device revocation system that could be derived from an existing approach or could be a new apporach all together.

Project details

The students work would involve:


This project involves a mix of both theoretical security/cryptography methods as well as coding. Interested student should be comfortable within both fields. To implement the prototype syste,, you will need to be comfortable with coding in C programming language in Linux.

What you will gain

The student would gain a good knowledge about exisiting methods for cerificate revocation, which form a very crucial part of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that orgaization pay huge amounts to implement. The student would also be able to work on an exisiting system and extend it. This would hone their programming skills as well as provide a deeper understanding of the working of security systems within constrained environments of the real-world! A well done project could also result in a paper submission to a reputed conference.


Bruno Crispo will be the faculty staff supervising the project with support from Srijith K. Nair who is a PhD. student at the faculty. The student will have regular meetings with Bruno and Srijith and is expected to work consistently throughout the project.


If you are interested to know more about this project please send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]


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