PBaseUpload is no longer being actively maintained. Last version (0.6.1) was released on 16-Feb-08!


PBaseUpload is a Microsoft Windows application that can be used by Pbase.com users to upload their pictures into any gallery without having to fire up their browser, log into pbase.com, select the files to upload etc. You can even create new galleries at any level and upload images into these new galleries.



PBaseUpload has been tested to work well on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It should work well with Windows Vista too.


This product has not been updated for several years now and not in a working shape. Hence, it is no longer for sale.


Click here for a slide show (requires Javascript). To navigate, use the left and right arrow keys. Or you can click on the right (next) or left (previous) of current image being displayed.

How to Use

Follow these instructions.


The code has been released under GPL 2.0.

Why buy if source code is free?

PBaseUpload is written in Perl and being a strong supporter of Free Software, I have released the source code under GPL. While Perl is installed in almost all Linux installation, you will need to install it separately in Windows. Thus, in order to just run this script you will have to download and install a very large binary. Furthermore, the Perl script does not by itself provide the 'Send to PBase' right-click convenience. The PBaseUpload binary solves all these inconveniences.

Please also note that official support is provided only to those who have bought the binary.

Features that may be added


This is a personal project of mine. This software is not supported or endorsed by PBase.com. If you have bought the software, I will help you as much as I can. However I do not accept any responsibility of any data loss or any other problems that might occur due to the direct or indirect use of this software.

Please note that due to personal constrains, I can provide only very limited support for those who haven't bought the binary but instead is trying to get the Perl code to work.

None of the information that you send or store using this application will be sent to me or anyone else other than the PBase.com site.


Version 0.6.1
- Release date - 1 Feb 2008
- Do not save pwd file if wrong username-password is supplied

Version 0.6
- Release date - 27 Nov 2007
- Code changes to reflect PBase HTML changes
- Cached password support
- More error checks
- Cleaned up last instance of build no.

Version 0.5
- Release date - 03 March 2006
- Changed URLs to reflect changes at PBase
- Better support for non-english Windows localisations
- Split gallery listing in batches of 10
- Binary installer back!
- Removed reference to build no.

Version 0.4 Build 2005022409
- Release date - 24/02/2005
- Changed URLs to reflect changes at PBase
- Changed build numbering
- Removed the functionality to save username and password

Version 0.3 Build 61
- Release date - 01/03/2004
- Support for uploading to galleries at any depth

Version 0.2 Build 23
- Release date - 23/12/2003
- Support for uploading to other albums present in root directory.
- Support to create new albums (under root dir) and upload file to this newly created album.

Version 0.1 Build 7
- Release date - 22/12/2003
- Initial release.